Play chess on a 3D board
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Compete in a chess match against a PC or human-controlled opponent. At its best, the AI is only a moderately strong player, so its not recommended for great chess players.

DreamChess 0.2.0 is an open source chess game.
It has been developed to be played under Windows, Mac OS X and Linux. This game provides 3D OpenGL graphics and various chess board sets (Classic Wooden, Opposing Elements, Figurines and Sketch). You can change the resolution of the screen, and even choose the Full Screen mode. Be careful when choosing the video modes. 3D OpenGL is sometimes tricky. Depending on your system´s configuration, maybe you won´t be able to see the pieces or even the board under certain conditions.

DreamChess uses a built-in chess engine to play against you. But you can use any other chess engine compatible with XBoard, available to download in Internet. You can compete against the CPU (playing with the blacks or the whites), or against another human. When playing against the computer, you can set the level of difficulty.

The program has configurable music and sound effects. The list of moves will be displayed in the screen. You can undo or redo move and save games in PGN format.

Daniel Ángel Romero
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